Introducing the New

Earlier this year we celebrated our 5th birthday. In those 5 years we’ve grown and evolved as a company with new services, new faces and even opened a new London office.

Today we’re pleased to unveil the new We wanted to create an online home for Rumble Labs which really showcased the company we’ve grown to become and the fantastic projects we have been lucky to work on along the way. Before and before and after

When we set out on our journey in 2009, we always wanted to create a unique environment which people would love to be a part of. A company culture which gives people the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that gets the best out of them. The people who have come on board in our 5 years have had a major impact on the company Rumble Labs is today. They’ve brought on board enthusiasm, passion, new skills and with Melissa our first female Rumbler!

Our initial focus was on the development of world class web applications, however, in recent years the world has become obsessed with native mobile experiences due to the rise of Smartphones and Tablets, such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices that deliver quick and easy ways to engage users on the go.

With these new devices came technological innovations which enable us as an app development laboratory to deliver better experiences for our clients that weren't possible before. With that, we have steadily built out our native engineering team and now have fantastic experience in iOS, Mac OSX and Android development. In fact native app development now accounts for nearly half of our business.

With our extensive existing expertise in API creation and integrations it’s enabled us to provide a unique full service app development offering for our clients in Ireland and overseas.

We have big plans and products of our own in the pipeline so keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed for updates. In the meantime why not read about a few of the projects we've been working on - Yolla, Digital Circle, Belfast Ruby, SquareVid, NITB Discovery Point and Lisson Gallery.

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