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As of this month, Rumble Labs have a permanent London office. As the company has grown and our London client base have expanded, we made a decision to set up operations in the heart of Shoreditch, where allegedly all the cool kids are hanging out.

The Rumble London office is located in Shoreditch Works, described as "a community of creators, startups and entrepreneurs", working under the same roof. Being more than just a co-working space, SDW organises events and talks, holds get-togethers and are working hard to create a community of people working in the creative digital sector. It feels like we’ve found a good place for Rumble Labs to grow.

The exciting thing about any new place is finding your way around and taking in all the new things that are happening all around you. After just a week in town I’ve already attended a talk about SQL queries accompanied by the best cocktails in town (courtesy of the Manhattans Project), attended a lunch-talk with an animator from Pixar, got some new interesting work with our favourite coffee supplier, found a possible investor for one of our apps, and figured out that Londoner’s are much friendlier than people say they are.

Working away from the rest of the team full time poses its own set of challenges, and as we’ve already mentioned we’re thinking a lot about evolving and fine-tuning our remote working practices. Having a distributed team with a permanent outpost is making this process even more important, and we’ll hopefully be able to share some of our tips and tricks in future posts.

We're in Shoreditch Works on Scrutton Street. Come say hello.

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