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Since we founded Rumble Labs in 2009, the way we work has continually evolved. In the beginning we used desktop computers and walked to work every morning to sit at a desk all day, only moving for lunch and to top up our caffeine levels.

However, that quickly changed as portable hardware became faster and lighter. Once we started to use laptops as our main machines it opened up a world of remote working freedom, allowing us to work when and where we were most productive.

Within our own office this carried through, we’d move from our desks to a beanbag or the sofa or into the meeting room to show a client some new work.

As all Rumblers enjoy this freedom, the attendance in our Belfast office varies from day to day. Coupled with Nik and Toby moving to London freeing up a couple of desks, we thought now would be an excellent time to open up the Laboratory to co-working, so others can benefit from an awesome place to work in the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

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We're inviting the creative and tech communities to work alongside like-minded people in a relaxed, shared office environment. As a member you’ll be able to create great collaborative working relationships, gain valuable feedback on ideas and just have a bit of company :)

The invitation is open to individuals and teams/startups and provides a great spot for working within the center of Belfast. Laboratory membership perks include: 100mb uncontended fibre broadband, use of our private meeting room and kitchen facilities with free Pact coffee, tea and water. Of course not forgetting Table Tennis on Rumbledon Center Court, office punchbag and gaming on our N64 or NES in the Lounge area.

If this sounds like something that might interest you then visit to learn more about our offering.

We’ll also be hosting the inaugural LabAssembly, our new monthly event, on Friday 6th February at 6pm. The first LabAssembly will be a Laboratory Open Day, allowing you to check out the space and mingle with others from the community. We hope to see you then!

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