We're selling Onotate

Onotate was our first product, conceived not long after Simon and I founded Rumble Labs. For the last 5 years we’ve maintained it, but it has never truly received our full attention as we had to prioritise developing projects with our clients. Recently we made the difficult decision to put Onotate up for sale, in the hope of finding it a nourishing new home.

While Onotate might be leaving Rumble, it won’t be forgotten, having provided many great memories along the way. Such as the beginning of its development as part of the StartVI incubator in 2010, where we met and merged with Dave. We also spoke about it at our legendary hour and a half long Refresh Belfast marathon about all the things we did wrong during its development. We created Onotate the World to market it, which is still one of my personal favourite projects I’ve worked on, and not forgetting its memorable Onotate launch party at Build Conf 2010.

Onotate the World

While it’s never been a massive commercial success for us, it played a vital role in establishing, shaping and contributing to our reputation as app developers. We learnt so much from the process of launching it, that has benefited our clients and other products we’ve launched since, such as Nuu.

It’s currently on the auction site Flippa, with the bidding finishing this Friday 27th February. You can read more about the sale there, if you fancy buying a great product which still has great potential then put in a bid!

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