Wee intern mate? Filly, so it is.

I've recently finished my second year of IMD and I've been fortunate enough to have secured a twelve month placement with the guys here at Rumble Labs.

I've been interested in Rumble ever since I saw them speak, at what would have been my first Refresh, a number of years ago. It was after attending this Refresh, and subsequent Refresh events, that I was inspired by the passion which this community had for their industry. It was shortly after this that I decided to make the move from computer science to the IMD course at the University of Ulster.

Since then, Rumble have continued to be a regular fixture at design events in Belfast. Even more recently, playing a pivotal role in the launch of Belfast Ruby.

After attending the Belfast Ruby events, it quickly became apparent that Rumble Labs is a very exciting place to be. It was their involvement in the community that first drew me to them, and it is what makes them now, something I'm very proud to be a part of.

I'm looking forward to further developing my design skills and hopefully getting a chance to try my hand at some Ruby in the coming months.

When not designing I can usually be found taking photos at design events around Belfast, often with a pint in hand. Follow me on Twitter.

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