The Rumble Laboratory is moving to Hill St

It's been a hectic year of growth for Rumble Labs. So much so, that we are finally having to move to new, larger premises.

Having started 2012 with only six people, by the new year we will have more than doubled in size and continued growth is expected throughout 2013. We also only had room for one table tennis table in our current space!

The lease is signed and after some minor works, we'll soon be living on the second floor of 46 Hill Street, an awesome space in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast.

Map of Rumble Labs' New PremisesMap of Rumble Labs' New Premises

The Cathedral Quarter is where Rumble began back in 2009, so we're super excited about moving back. We hope to move in over the holidays and quickly enjoying the local eateries and drinkeries, of which there are so many to enjoy, so there is.

We've got some great plans for the new place over the next while and welcome y'all to come say hello once we get moved in.

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