The Rumble Internship

For the last two years we've hired two interns to work in the Rumble Laboratory. Our first intern Will is still with us today.

Last year we took on Filly as our second intern. He only has a few more months left with us before he returns to finish his Interactive Multimedia Design degree. Since he's leaving, we've asked him to help us find his replacement by putting together a little site explaining our internship opportunity.

The Rumble Internship site Rumble Internship site designed by this year's intern, Filly Campbell

Filly's done a great job and really improved during his year with us. It definitely shows on the impressive web page he's pulled together.

At Rumble Labs we love taking on students and helping them progress in their careers. It's been great to watch Will and Filly find their niche and settle into The Rumble Way.

We're really looking forward to checking out the up and coming talent Northern Ireland has to offer this year!

For more info and details on how to apply visit the Rumble Internship site.

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