SquareVid - Our First iPhone App

When Instagram announced that we could upload video from the Camera Roll, we couldn’t find any apps that would simply record square video.

With the freedom to upload and combine any clips we wanted, it seemed like a big oversight not having a filming app that forces you to think within a square frame.

So we decided to make one!

A perfect Friday afternoon side project, we thought. It didn’t quite get finished that afternoon, but a few days later we submitted SquareVid to the App Store.

Today we’re officially launching SquareVid. Taking a leaf from the book of do-one-thing-and-do-it-well, the strength of the app is in its simplicity.

squarevid screenshotScreenshot of SquareVid website.

“SquareVid is the quickest and easiest way to record 1:1 format video and automatically save it to your Camera Roll."

Unlike other square video capturing apps, what you do with your footage is up to you. You can edit it elsewhere and upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you like! SquareVid simply lets you film to your hearts content, in square format!

You don’t even have to touch and hold the record button on screen to record, freeing you up to be more creative with your shots.

We hope you like it. If you do, be sure to write us a nice review and add the #squarevid hashtag to any Instagram Videos you film with SquareVid. You can also follow us on twitter @squarevid.

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