Onotate Unlimited

Up until now, Onotate has had a Freelance Plan and a Team Plan. The limitations on these plans were based on number of users and the amount of storage used to upload concepts.

After seeing how Onotate is being used and receiving some great feedback from our users, we have decided to remove all plans and restrictions and have one price, $15 per month for unlimited users and storage. How awesome is that?

This will take affect from Monday, 22nd August 2011. All existing plans will be de-restricted and recurring payments set to $15 per month form Monday onwards, regardless of the existing price.

We've changed the website a little to reflect the new signup and even added a video tour. The updates for this will go out on Sunday night, so keep your eye out.

We hope you'll like this change. We plan to continue to develop Onotate further, and have some great ideas, but we'd still love to hear what you have to say!

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