Hello From Tosbourn!

Hello! I am Toby and I am very happy to announce that I am the latest Rumbler!

Rumble are a company I have long admired for their forward thinking and their clear attempts to get the work/life balance right, and of course the calibre of their work and of the other Rumblers is beyond reproach. So naturally when I heard that they were looking to add another developer into their fray I jumped at the chance!

When family ask what I do I normally cop out and say - “Oh I make websites” and on the face of it that is pretty much what I do, but what I actually do is something a lot harder to describe to someone who isn’t also doing it.

You see what I actually spend my day doing is getting incredibly excited about how we can use technology to solve real problems people are facing, once I find the appropriate technology for the problem I then get to spend my time poking and prodding it until I find out how it ticks and how I can best use it to solve these problems.

I am so incredibly thankful and feel so incredibly lucky that Rumble are feeding my passion by not only giving me an inspiring work space, giving me access to incredibly smart people and interesting challenges, but also they are actually paying me for this stuff! Getting paid to do what you love doing isn’t something too many people get to experience, so like I say, I am incredibly lucky.

When I am not coding I like to write - either for online publications or journals, I have even written a book and am in the process of writing another one!

Finally, that money I mentioned goes into what used to be a hobby but is now more like an addiction and gets spent buying comics!

Feel free to hit me up on the Twitters if you want to talk about any of the above!

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