Haaaaave you met Tommy?

Around my 2nd year of Uni I started to look at web development and after having a conversation with Dave at the first Belfast Refresh, I picked up Ruby on Rails and began to learn.

After finishing my placement year at Bluecube Interactive I returned to my final year of University and being taught by Nik and Chris of the The Web Standardistas. During 4th year, I also got stuck back into Ruby & Rails and used it for my final year project, Today The World Is.

During December, Dave had offered me some part time work to increase my experience with Rails. It was a fantastic opportunity and I learnt an amazing amount about Ruby, Rails and Web Development.

I've now been working at Rumble Labs for about a month, spending most of my time in text editors and terminal windows working on Rails code. It's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do when I left Uni and I'm glad to be joining the Rumblers. Pure jeebols so they are.

When I'm not building websites, I'm usually listening to obscure electronic music, playing videogames or enjoying a pint somewhere in Belfast. I also tend to talk a lot about all 4 of those activities on Twitter.

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