Build 2011 - A review in 840 Characters

We sat down to write a traditional style review of Build 2011 and realised there were so many amazing moments, it would take until Build 2012.

We needed some constraints.

The Rules

Explain in 140 characters or fewer your favourite moment(s) of Build 2011 - including Fringe events and after party. All adjectives must start with **B** **U** **I** **L** or **D**. No Rumbler may allude to the same moment.


Jeremy Keith exposing his passion for the longevity and accessibility of Internet content, specifically the persistence of URLs over time.”


Josh Brewer, beautifully unveiling the importance and longevity of embuing relationship in our designs.”


Craig Mod, contrasting design principles of printed media and ebooks, describing physical interfacing with a familiar object like the book.”


“The standing ovation to Wilson Miner's incredible talk and nobody being able to comprehend it for the entirety of lunch.”


“The pacing & attention to detail of Wilson's astonishing presentation had more in common with a documentary than a prelunch conference talk.”


Spiekermann's Brawny, Upbeat, Illustrious, Learned & Dapper talk on avoiding Arseholes, embracing those smarter & not over-planning.”

Editor's Note

The sharper eyed among you may have noticed Steven's inabilty to follow three simple rules.

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