An app we made to allow people to simply film square videos on their iPhone's.

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In summer 2013 Instagram launched video for Instagram enabling users to upload their own video clips from their camera roll.

As all Instagram content is in square format and the iPhone only allows the user to film in 16:9 aspect ratio we spotted an opportunity!

In order to create a well composed video you must know the boundaries you can film in. We decided to develop a simple app which would allow users to quickly film a square video and save it to be uploaded to Instagram or elsewhere when they please.

App Creation

We set about sketching the flow of the app, once we’d agreed on the correct approach development commenced while our design team polished the flow and created the final visuals.

The end result couldn’t be more simple, you launch the app and immediately see what the square frame and what you will be recording. Hit the big record button and it starts filming, tap it again to stop and save immediately to your phone for later.


Ever app needs a name and we felt an app with such a singular focus needed an obvious brand identity, a name that would get the purpose of the app across, and so SquareVid was born.

In order to promote SquareVid we developed a simple one page website showcasing the product and what it does in a fun way (Be sure to hit the camera flip icon).

The project overall came together very quickly and in no time we were submitted our first Rumble Labs iOS app to the App Store. Be sure to check out the website and you can find SquareVid on the App Store!

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